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Become a better trader by leveraging CyberBox's suite of cutting edge tools

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Power Up Your Web3 Trading Journey

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Follow the Data

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Stop guessing & laser focus on what matters utilizing the most important metrics, statistics, alerts along with advance filtering and sorting capabilities

Make calculated decisions and rely on historical data and patterns instead of intuition and luck

Always be in the Loop

Get customizable alerts real-time on mints or collection pumps on desktop or on-the-go via our soon-available iOS app.

Never miss a beat again, no matter where you are

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Simplify Your Trading & Have an Unfair Advantage

See all events across multiple NFT marketplaces in real time in one clean, seamless interface.

Have the edge at all times with out smart integrations such as dynamic outgas feature, paperhand tracker and much more.

Time NFT & Crypto Cycles to a Tee

They say you can`t time the market - that is, until now.

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Everything a traders needs through one subscription

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Most comprehensive
trading intelligence


data visualization


Smart money tracking

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Friction-Free, Fast Access to Blockchain Data

Extensive NFT & Crypto trading intelligence & data in one, enterprise-grade API

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